Assistance with dog lactation and nursing healthy puppies

This site is here to support nursing dog moms worldwide.  Just as nursing babies has become something of a lost art for humans, the same lack of knowledge has hurt our dogs.  While the canine mothers' instincts are still intact, often it is human interference that creates problems.  This website's goal is to clear up misconceptions, give support and information to owners of whelping and lactating bitches.

Overall there is a lot of misinformation out there about lactation, whether it be for humans or other species. As a LaLeche leader for several years, I assisted new human mothers with lactatation problems.  Since becoming a dog breeder I've answered numerous questions and helped hundreds of dogs nurse their puppies without supplementation or with minimal supplementation.  Nature should take care of itself, however, I've found we are too quick to assume it won't.  When milk isn't instantly apparent, or there are complications at birth there is the assumption supplementation is necessary.  Unfortunately, mother's milk is the best thing for any puppy and colostrum (the first milk) is a necessity. 

On this site I hope to start a referral network so that the owners of those few dog mothers that can't nurse their newborn puppies (or that perhaps died in whelp) will be able to find a wet nurse to give their puppies the best possible start.

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